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Litter Trapper Cat Mat

Litter Trapper Cat Mat

Litter Trapper Cat Mat

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Tired of Sweeping up Cat Litter?

Now You Can Easily Prevent Messes & Save Your Floors With This Ultralight, Portable, Waterproof & Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat!


  • #1 Choice among cats
  • 2-Layer Design keeps odor and urine from seeping into your floors and carpets. 
  • Incredibly easy to clean. Just rinse your mat every time you replace your litter
  • Stop cat's litter tracks and litter messes.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Waterproof and Urine Repellant


XS: 12"x18" - (30x45cm)

S: 16"x20" - (40x50cm)

M: 18"x23" - (46x60cm) Foldable

L:  22"x28" - (55x70cm) Foldable


  • EASY CLEANING: Prevents litter from tracking or scattering across floors to minimize the spread of bacteria and maximize cleanliness. It is completely waterproof in case of accidents. Catch debris between two rubber layers keeping your home cleaner.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The Diamond Honeycomb designed mat holds tiny pieces of litter that fall between the layers, automatically catching debris as cats exit their litter box.
  • SOFT SURFACE: The heavy-duty EVA rubber foam is safe, non-toxic, and completely pet-friendly. And because it’s extra durable and soft on their little padded feet, the smooth, comfortable surface will make it easier for your furry friends to get in and out of their boxes.
  • UNIVERSAL CAT LITTER CATCHER: Each size mat supports all types of cat litter, including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat, and pellets!

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