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No Contact Safety Key

No Contact Safety Key

No Contact Safety Key

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Germophobes rejoice!😷

Stop touching dirty public surfaces for good! Thanks to this awesome No Contact Safety Key.


✅  Door handles

✅  Touchscreens

✅ Buttons, and more.

Just clip it on your keychain and take it with you everywhere you go. Whether it’s the grocery store, bank, or elevator, you’ll never have to worry about getting bacteria or viruses on your hands again. The unique design gives you full leverage to open doors easily. Protect you and your family immediately. Order one for every person in your family now!


Antimicrobial Materials  - Our safety keys are made of brass alloy with 70% copper content. Both are antimicrobial materials designed to give you maximum protection. 

Beer bottle opener 

✅ Door opener


The use of this product is a supplement to/ and not a substitute for standard safety practices like hand-washing and disinfecting.




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