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RADIANT COLLECTION 10 PCs Pro Makeup Brush Set

RADIANT COLLECTION 10 PCs Pro Makeup Brush Set

RADIANT COLLECTION 10 PCs Pro Makeup Brush Set

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All You Need for the Perfect Makeup Look 

What it is: 

A set of 10 professional brushes curated to include all the essentials to create a complete makeup look. 

What it does: 

This brush set is perfect for makeup lovers and newbies alike. Find all the essentials you need to complete the perfect look. Whether it is for a special occasion or for your daily makeup routine, this is the set for you! Our high-quality brushes are smooth, soft and dense.  No annoying shedding or chemical smells like low-quality alternatives. 

This set contains: 

  1. Powder Brush  
  2. Multi-function brush 
  3. Flame brush 
  4. Flat-head brush  
  5. Foundation brush  
  6. Mini flame brush 
  7. Mini eye shadow brush  
  8. Eye shadow brush 
  9. Concealer 
  10. Eyebrow brush 


                    1. Bristles made of high-quality nylon hair are fine, soft and smooth. 
                    2. Bristles are comfortable to touch.
                    3. They can pick the powder without absorbing the product so that it helps you put on the makeup easily.              

                    Product Material:  wooden handle /high-quality aluminum tube / imported nylon hair        

                    Warm Tip:
                    Please clean the product before use.               

                    Cleaning Method: 
                    Clean with some mild soap such as baby shampoo or other mild cleaners.   

                    What else you need to know: 
                    These brushes are cruelty-free. 

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